• 17/07/2024 08:56

Military checkpoints are being set up in Kyiv: the KGVA commented on their appearance

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This information was reported by the KGVA, URA-Inform reports.

KGVA clarified that this is due to the fact that security forces will conduct exercises in different areas of Kyiv from December 25 to 28. It is noted that these exercises include the deployment of temporary roadblocks, the installation of restrictive signs, and elements of engineering barriers.

According to the conditions, testing of vehicles, documents, checkpoint security elements, certain demonstration, search and counter-sabotage activities takes place.

As explained in the military administration, the training has the task — improving the management system, organization, effective interaction to ensure public safety (in case of aggravation of the situation) and certain measures to protect the civilian population.

«War didn't end. Threats to the capital and its residents still exist. And if Kyiv becomes safer every month — then this is the merit of all the structures, forces and departments that work every day to protect you! Such training needs to be carried out systematically, and based on the results of a regular analysis, after training, shortcomings should be identified, mistakes corrected and even better prepared to perform an important task — protection of Kyiv and its residents from potential threats», — said the head of the KGVA.

We remind you that it was previously reported that in Kyiv there are problems not only with the metro: it became known what else the capital may face.

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