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Mishina told how her son reacts to his mother’s boyfriends: the actress admitted whether there are any difficulties

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This information was reported by Sensatsiya, reports URA-Inform.

Famous Ukrainian actress and participant in the show «Bachelorette» Ksenia Mishina told how her 11-year-old son Platon reacts to his mother’s boyfriends. According to her, she never had any problems getting to know her boyfriend and her son.

Moreover, usually the men themselves suggested spending time together.

“I’ve never had any difficulties with this. And the men who were in my life themselves were the first to say, let’s take your child and go somewhere,” said Ksenia.

Mishina noted that the main man in her life does not see competition from my mother's boyfriends. Plato is not only not jealous of her, he willingly meets gentlemen and gives her relationship advice.

«I introduce my child without any problems. Plato is not jealous, on the contrary, he can give me advice,” the actress admitted.

Recall that it was previously reported that Karol appeared in a long white dress and unexpectedly started talking about love (photo).

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