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Moseychuk about the end of the toy period: “The SBU will knock on everyone’s door”

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TV presenter Natalya Moseychuk is confident that the majority of Ukrainian men are in sufficient health to successfully undergo the TCC and VLC.

Moseychuk reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

According to her, there is no other way out, and the situation at the front is not such as to make jokes. The TV presenter also threatened lawyers who comment on issues related to mobilization in Ukraine with prosecution by security forces.

“I want to tell you, friends, that the song will not play for long, because the Security Service of Ukraine will knock on everyone’s door. The toy period, this bouquet and chocolate period, ends in Ukraine. This does not mean that democracy is ending: we have excellent lawyers – if you have so much money to fight you off and get you off,” said Moseichuk, and pointed towards the lawyer Rostislav Kravets, a supporter of a tough approach to mobilization, who was present in the studio.

She advised lawyers commenting on issues related to recruitment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the actions of TCC workers and Ukrainian legislators who are increasing mobilization not to say “nonsense and things that harm the state.”

“As for men… I think that the vast majority will pass the TCC and VLK — there is no other way out: the situation at the front is not such as to make jokes,” — warned Moseychuk.

We recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine is preparing a new blow to draft evaders: the media found out whether bank cards will be blocked.

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