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New law on higher education: what will change for Ukrainian students

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A bill has been approved in Ukraine, which is an important component of the comprehensive transformation of the higher education system.

About this information reported the press service of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.  

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law «On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on the development of individual educational trajectories and improvement of the educational process in higher education», which changes some approaches to education.

What changes await students

The Ministry of Education and Science noted that students will be able to individualize educational trajectories through interdisciplinary educational programs. The law allows the model of «receipts for the industry» through an interdisciplinary educational program, which provides for the choice of a specific specialty not immediately, but after one or one and a half years of study at the university.

Interdisciplinary educational programs will also appear at the bachelor’s level (within the industry or interindustry), meeting the specific needs of the regions , employers.

In addition, higher education applicants will be able to take advantage of more flexible rates and maintain the study period. Contract students will be able to independently determine the duration of their studies at the university:

— complete a 4-year bachelor's program in three years;

— or combine training with work and complete the required 240 ECTS credits in 6-8 years.

The Ministry of Education and Science added that participants in academic mobility will be able to recognize learning results obtained in formal, non-formal and information education. This is especially true for students combining studies in Ukrainian higher education institutions and abroad. An appropriate procedure will be created for this.

We recall that it was previously reported that Ukrainian schoolchildren will be registered on a single basis: what is worth knowing.

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