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Non-obvious signs of thick blood named: what should alert you

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Thick blood has an extremely negative effect on the body and can lead to many diseases, including heart attack and stroke, which are potentially dangerous for human life

This information was reported by Woman24, URA-Inform reports.  

Doctors named the first signs, which are completely unobvious, but allow you to prevent the threat.  They noted that it is not possible to determine the density of blood at home, but there are symptoms that indicate that you need to see a doctor.

Such a dangerous sign is asymmetrical edema. If one arm or leg has become larger than the other, you should consult a doctor. More often this occurs due to deep vein thrombosis. The clot blocks the flow of blood and oxygen, resulting in swelling. Since a blood clot can block the vessels of other organs at any time, urgent consultation with a specialist is required.

Doctors consider red stripes on the skin to be an equally dangerous signal. They are usually located parallel to the veins. When you press them, a feeling of warmth arises. The skin may remain either reddish or bluish.

Experts also include dizziness and rapid breathing as dangerous signs. If they appear after physical activity, there is nothing threatening, but if in a calm state you need to sound the alarm. Such problems may indicate the formation of a blood clot and other serious diseases.

In addition, doctors added, thick blood is often accompanied by pain and cramps in the legs. Discomfort in this part of the body is also manifested by tingling.

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