• 16/06/2024 01:13

“Nuclear rattling”: ISW analysts analyzed Putin’s threats

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Analysts at the American Institute for the Study analyzed the statements of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin during his address to the Russian Federal Assembly on February 29.

ISW reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

They concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian officials often resort to nuclear threats to instill fear in Western audiences and weaken Western support for Ukraine.

«The Kremlin has not undertaken any significant escalation in response to the provision of new Western systems to Ukraine, and ISW continues to believe that Russia's use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine and beyond &#8212 ; extremely unlikely», — analysts said.

ISW also noted that Putin used rhetoric about negotiations and «nuclear saber rattling» during his speech, in order, most likely, to attract the attention of the West to it and contribute to the Kremlin’s information operations.

Let us recall that it was previously reported why China is sending a special envoy to Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the EU simultaneously: Beijing’s explanation.

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