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Products that clog blood vessels have been named: doctors have given dietary recommendations

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Doctors named products that clog blood vessels, preventing normal blood flow. Some of them should be excluded from the diet due to possible chronic diseases.

Elegantwoman reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

It is recommended to sharply reduce the amount of salt consumed, since when it is excessively concentrated in the body, it retains water in the tissues and blood, increases the load on the heart, which leads to high blood pressure. It is necessary to replace sodium chloride with lemon juice, and also introduce fruits and greens that have potassium into the menu.

Animal fats, which significantly increase cholesterol levels, negatively affect the health of the blood, are harmful to heart health. It is necessary to replace them with vegetable oils, including olive or flaxseed.

Particularly dangerous are pork, lamb, stewed meat, butter, smoked meats and fatty varieties of hard cheese, which can cause the appearance of a large number of arterial plaques.

Next, doctors named sweet carbonated drinks, the consumption of which negatively affects the condition of blood vessels. You should also exclude refined flour and polished rice from your diet. Alcoholic drinks also cause significant harm, doctors added.

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