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Prosecutors will be forced to apologize: an unusual bill has been registered in the Rada

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A bill authored by OPZZH deputy Anatoly Burmich has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada, in which prosecutors are obliged to publicly apologize to citizens whose rights, freedoms or interests were limited in closed criminal proceedings.

This information is reported in the draft Law, reports “URA-Inform”.  

According to the initiator, this step aims to restore justice, rehabilitate people who suffered from unlawful actions of law enforcement officers, and increase the responsibility of the prosecutor's office.

The document stipulates that prosecutors must publicly apologize to people who have suffered from unfounded criminal prosecution. The apology must be made within 30 days after the termination of criminal proceedings.

The apology must be published on the official website of the Office of the Prosecutor General. Relatives of a deceased person who has suffered from unfounded criminal prosecution may receive a public apology upon their application.

Ukrainians can receive an apology from an employee of the prosecutorial body if it is established that no criminal offense occurred or the act contains no elements of a criminal offense at all.

You also need to apologize if the investigation does not have enough evidence to establish a person’s guilt at the judicial level and all possibilities for obtaining them have been exhausted.

In addition, in cases of expiration of the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution, with the exception of serious crimes against the life or health of a person or crimes for which punishment is punishable by life imprisonment, also you will need to apologize, etc.

The importance of the bill is determined by the restoration of justice and rehabilitation. It is noted that people who have unlawfully suffered from the actions of law enforcement officers have the right to publicly admit mistakes and restore their good name.

A public apology from the prosecutor will become an official recognition of the wrongfulness of the actions and serves as moral compensation to the victim. In addition, if adopted, the law will encourage prosecutors to make procedural decisions more carefully and informedly.

According to the initiator, a public apology for unfounded criminal prosecution can help restore confidence in the law enforcement system and strengthen the rule of law in Ukraine.

«Public apology from the prosecutor — this is not only recognition, it is also an act of compassion and humanity towards the victims», — says the explanatory note to the document.

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