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Pugacheva gave urgent advice to Peskov: the source revealed what conversation took place

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According to the Russian source «Kremlin snuffbox», press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov allegedly approached Alla Pugacheva with a special offer.

Donpress reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that the authorities received an invitation to take part in the election campaign of the head of the Kremlin and occupy an important post in his Administration or government. However, Pugacheva reportedly refused this offer.

A Kremlin source claims that Pugacheva refused to cooperate with Putin, explaining that she did not want to deal with the authorities during the war.

She expressed hope that the conflict will end soon, after which she will be able to consider returning to Russia and even participating in politics. However, at the moment she does not want to associate herself with the war.

Another public source reports Pugacheva’s sympathy for Peskov, but claims that she advised him to consider the possibility of resignation and look for a new boss, anticipating serious changes in Russia.

Information about Peskov’s negotiations with Pugacheva was confirmed in the Kremlin, but the details of these negotiations are not disclosed. Despite this, the Kremlin expressed dissatisfaction with the “strange and impudent advice” that the Diva gave to the presidential press secretary.

Let us recall that if Zelensky suddenly receives a call from Putin: the Ukrainian president answered the question in a unique way.

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