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Putin started having problems: Gordon spoke about the dictator’s new addiction

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A Ukrainian journalist shared insider information about the new addiction of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This information was reported by Dialog, URA-Inform reports.

According to Gordon, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin began to have serious problems with alcohol after an unsuccessful blitzkrieg on Kyiv. This data, he said, was obtained from sources in the very top echelons of Russian government.

< p>«Putin has recently, as sources in the Kremlin say, begun to drink. It was commonplace for my grandfather to drink in his old age. Because not everything, thank God… The situation is not very good for him», — said a Ukrainian journalist.

It is known that the Kremlin carefully guards Putin’s personal life, his family and habits. However, in recent years there have been several cases indicating his possible alcohol abuse.

For example, in December 2022, he smiled while holding a glass of champagne and confessed to war crimes, confirming that his army was sending blows to the Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

«Now there is a lot of noise about our attacks on the energy infrastructure of a neighboring country. Yes, we do this», — Putin said then.

Recall that it was previously reported that Russia has changed noticeably: ISW revealed important consequences of the inauguration.

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