• 17/04/2024 21:22

Russian troops captured positions in Zaporozhye, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces recaptured in the summer – ISW

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This information was reported by ISW, URA-Inform reports.  

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War noted that the Russian Federation captured this territory, likely due to the fact that Ukrainian defenders retreated to more defensible positions near Robotino for the winter.

«Geolocation footage released on December 14 and 27 shows that Russian troops have recently advanced west from Verbovoy (9 km east of Robotino)», — the report says.

According to ISW estimates, the capture of neighboring positions by Ukrainian troops in August 2023 was tactically important, as it could allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to launch an operation past dense Russian minefields and subsequent Russian defensive structures.< /p>

However, ISW does not believe that the return of these positions by Russian troops is particularly important at this time.

«Recent Russian successes in the western Zaporozhye region confirms ISW's assessment that the current trench warfare in Ukraine is not a stable stalemate, since the current balance could change either way due to decisions made in the West or in Russia, and Russia's limited gains could become significant, especially if the West stops military assistance to Ukraine», — analysts added.

Recall that it was previously reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces spoke about a new problem for the Russian Federation after the destruction of three Su-34s.

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