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Scientists have found a new form of life: experts have shown what it is (footage)

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This information is provided by the Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology resource, reports URA-Inform.

What was found?

This mysterious organism, called a Euglenid, was discovered in a fossilized state, and although this is not the first time scientists have encountered such organisms, debate about its nature. Euglenids are a group of aquatic unicellular eukaryotes with unique properties.

Peculiarity of the organism

They receive energy both through photosynthesis, similar to plants, and through the consumption of other organisms, which is typical for animals. The separation of euglenids from other eukaryotes occurred approximately a billion years ago, and fossils of this species are rare throughout their history on Earth.

Expert opinion

An international team of scientists says they have discovered ancient euglenid fossils in a «large paper trail» previous scientific research. Andreas Koutsodendris of the University of Heidelberg in Germany says that by analyzing cores from lakes in Greece, he regularly finds fossils of these thin-walled oval life forms.

The biological relationship of euglenids has not yet been fully determined, despite their mention cysts in previously published studies. Koutsodendris emphasizes that the exact nature of these organisms remains a mystery, sparking interest and further scientific research.

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