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Severe frosts predicted in Ukraine: where and when the temperature will drop

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Forecasters from the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center warn of severe frosts in Ukraine. In addition, dangerous and natural meteorological phenomena are expected in some regions.

This information was reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, reports URA-Inform.  

Meteorologists issued a warning about a sharp deterioration in weather and a drop in temperature in Ukraine. Frosts are predicted in some regions of the country. Experts warn about dangerous and natural meteorological phenomena in Ukraine.

Significant cooling is expected in many areas over the next two days – April 19 and 20. In a number of Ukrainian regions, danger level I, yellow, has been declared, and in some – danger level II, orange.

According to weather forecasters, on Friday nightApril 19,in the western regions on the soil surface will experience frosts of 0-5°. In Transcarpathia there are severe frosts – 0-3°.

In addition, on Saturday nightApril 20 inthe western, northern and central regions – severe frosts of 0-3°.

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