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Shoigu was given a “black mark”: Forbes told what happened

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The detention of Timur Ivanov served as a catalyst for a possible change of authority for Sergei Shoigu, head of the Russian military department.

This information was reported by Forbes, citing its own sources of the Russian Ministry of Defense, reports URA-Inform.

Insiders emphasized that this episode became a «black mark» for Shoigu. In particular, yesterday's arrest of his close associate — Deputy Minister Ivanov, forced experts to assume Shoigu’s resignation.

According to an interlocutor from the Ministry of Defense, Ivanov, called “Shoigu’s man,” had his own shortcomings, and serious questions arose against him.

According to observers, the arrest was related to the possible departure of Shoigu and the ongoing «cleaning» his inner circle. Ivanov was responsible for one of the most profitable areas in the Ministry of Defense — military construction and supplies for the army.

His detention on charges of accepting a large bribe only increased the seriousness of the situation. Russian blogger Anatoly Nesmiyan (El Murid) noted in his Telegram channel that Shoigu’s resignation is possible, explaining this by the inevitable «cleansing» circle close to the leadership, which is typical for dictators before leaving office.

Recall that the Russian Federation has delivered a new ultimatum to the West: Peskov warned that the Russian Armed Forces will be expanded.

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