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The amazing story of Danilko’s secret relationship has become known: she left while he was sleeping

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This information was reported by Sensatsiya, URA-Inform reports.  

His former stage partner Radmila Shchogoleva (Gelya), with whom Andrei Danilko worked 20 years ago, in an interview for the program «Don't lie to me» for the first time she admitted that she had intimacy with the artist, and did not even refuse to call it a romance.

At the same time, however, she denied the presence of certain elements of a love relationship in her relationship with the singer. In the end, the presenters came to the conclusion that there really was love between them.

Shchogoleva said that she and Andrei did not part ways in the best way. According to her,  she was very tired on tour and at some point realized that she could not let down either her health or her dreams of an acting career.

The star informed the concert director that completed her participation in the concert tour, packed her bags and left. She did not say goodbye to Andrei, allegedly because he was sleeping. Danilko took this news very hard, because when he woke up, his loved one was no longer nearby and there was an understanding that she would not return.

After that, he and Radmila did not communicate. Only later was Shchogoleva able to find the strength after many years to contact the artist and talk to him. Andrei forgave the woman, but of course there was no more friendship or romance between them.

Recall that it was previously reported , actor “Kvartal 95” Pikalov, being a serviceman of the National Guard, performs at concerts (document).

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