• 25/06/2024 10:57

The birth rate in Ukraine has fallen to its lowest level in the last 300 years

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According to information provided by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the country is facing a historic collapse in fertility rates.

This information was reported by Donpress, citing data from the Ministry of Social Policy, reports URA-Inform.

The above was evidence of the worst value in the last three centuries. According to the department, in 2023, only 187 thousand newborns were born in Ukraine.

“Comparing this with the number of births in 1719, when the population of the country within modern borders was 5.7 million people, we see that the then figure was estimated at approximately 280 thousand newborns. Thus, the current situation represents a serious warning about growing problems in the demographic sphere,” — the message said.

It should also be noted that the Ukrainian people continue to suffer heavy losses due to the war with Russia, which, unfortunately, is claiming additional lives every day. This factor becomes an additional burden on the country’s shoulders in already difficult demographic conditions.

Let us recall how many Poles are ready to support sending troops to Ukraine: the opinion poll showed the result.

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