• 22/07/2024 19:03

The blows of Ukraine brought down diesel exports from the Russian Federation: Bloomberg announced the losses of the occupiers

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Western journalists have established how Ukraine’s attacks affected diesel exports from the Russian Federation. It turned out that compared to the beginning of March, exports fell by almost 21%. Experts admit that this could weaken the Russian economy in a certain way.

Details about the problems of the Russian Federation are reported by URA-Inform, citing Bloomberg.

Recent attacks by Ukrainian UAVs on Russian oil refineries ( Oil refineries) had a serious impact on the economy of the aggressor country. This forced the Kremlin to significantly reduce daily diesel exports to the lowest level in the last five months.

Ukraine's strikes affected Russian diesel exports during scheduled refinery maintenance, exacerbating problems in the oil refining sector. Expert findings indicate a fall in diesel fuel exports from the country's three key ports on the Black and Baltic Seas.

The fall is projected to reach 21% compared to exports in March. Sales of diesel fuel by sea will be significantly reduced after weekly oil refining rates reached a 10-month low as a result of attacks by Ukrainian drones.

Such analysts' conclusions indicate the increasing vulnerability of the Russian economy to attacks from Ukraine.< /p>

Recall that the Russian Federation could not hide where the new big attack will begin: ISW gave a forecast.

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