• 20/06/2024 17:34

The deadlines are shifting: the US House of Representatives said when they will vote on aid to Ukraine

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This information was reported by Reuters , reports URA-Inform.  

Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee Michael McCaul said that the House of Representatives will vote on aid to Ukraine no earlier than mid-March.

< p>«I don't want to speak for the Speaker, but I think he wants to get through the appropriations process first, which will get us to March 8, — and then deal with additional issues, such as the allocation of funds», — he noted.

At the same time, McCall added that he had not carefully read the current bill, but had concerns, in particular, about the proposed changes in military financing.

McCall also noted that the bill with the help of Ukraine will be passed by the House of Representatives if its Speaker Mike Johnson allows a vote, despite the opposition, some of which is associated with the 45th US President Donald Trump.

«I think that the brainwashing, if you like, that we have to choose between our southern border and Ukraine has already happened. I don't agree with this. I think we — great nation and we can do both», — he summarized.

Recall that it was previously reported that NATO decided to transfer special weapons to Ukraine: Stoltenberg said what we were talking about.

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