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The expert named the US plan in the war in Ukraine: and this is not a crushing defeat for the Russian Federation

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The United States recently provided long-awaited assistance to Ukraine, and within the next month the White House should develop a strategy for long-term support for the country in the fight against Russia .

24tv reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

According to Israeli military observer David Sharp, it is likely that the United States will not aim for a crushing defeat of Russia, thus seeking to avoid escalation of the conflict.

“The vision of today's Biden administration, despite its caution and reluctance to escalate with Russia, is for Ukraine to succeed. That is, for Russia to fail. Perhaps they do not go so far that Russia suffers a crushing defeat, because for this they must make colossal efforts,” he emphasized.

Nevertheless, the expert noted, it is undoubtedly a goal for the United States is the weakening of Russia and the return of occupied territories. Although this is quite difficult and will require long-term support from the United States and others.

“ Or Russia will decide to negotiate, and if Ukraine and the West are satisfied with its proposals, then so be it. The general idea is for Russia to fail. But again, not a “crushing defeat” because that seems unrealistic. Is their approach optimal? In my opinion, no. For example, the ban on US weapons striking legitimate military targets in Russia is a striking example of an overly cautious US policy,” noted the military observer.

Recall that it was previously reported that the United States has allocated a new package of military assistance to Ukraine : what will be included in it.

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