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The Guinness Book of Records has chosen the new oldest man in the world: how old is he?

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Guinness World Records originally selected 112-year-old Gisaburo Sonobe from Japan, but he was recently confirmed to have died on March 31.< /p>

This information was reported on the website of the Guinness Book of Records, URA-Inform reports.  

Officially, the oldest person in the world was John Alfred Tinniswood from Great Britain, who is now 111 years old. This follows the death of 114-year-old Juan Vicente Perez from Venezuela, which became known on April 3.

It is noted that John Tinniswood was born in Liverpool on August 26, 1912 — the same year that the Titanic sank. As of April 5, 2024, his exact age is 111 years 223 days.

«John is a great-grandfather and now lives in a care home in Southport, where staff describe him as a «big talker». He was married to his wife for 44 years until she died in 1986. Their daughter Susan was born in 1943. Now John has four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren,” says the Guinness Book of Records website.

Despite his advanced age, John can still carry out most daily activities independently: getting out of bed without assistance, listening to the radio to keep up with the news, and still managing his own finances. According to John, the secret to his longevity is “pure luck.”

«You either live long or you live short , and nothing can be done about it», — quotes the oldest man on the planet from the Guinness Book of Records.

Apart from eating fish and chips on Fridays, John says he doesn't follow any specific diet.

John doesn't smoke and rarely drinks alcohol. His main advice for staying healthy is to practice moderation.

John — fan of the football club «Liverpool». He was born just 20 years after the club's 1892 founding. He experienced all eight of his club's FA Cup victories and 17 of his 19 league victories.

John also lived through both world wars. This makes John the world's oldest surviving male World War II veteran. After the war, John worked in accounting for Shell and BP until his retirement in 1972.

After John turned 100 in 2012, he received an annual birthday card from the late Queen Elizabeth, who was almost his junior for 14 years. In 2020, he became Britain's oldest person. Now John says he's not embarrassed by his new status as the world's oldest.

«It doesn't make any difference to me. Not at all. “I accept the world as it is,” the man said.

The Guinness Book of Records noted that Tinnissoud’s claim to the record was assessed by its experts and the Gerontological Research Group, which catalogs confirmed centenarians .

We recall that it was previously reported, the sign “from above”: the icon of Christ collapsed in front of the Pope (video).< br>

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