• 17/06/2024 18:40

The OSUV “Khortitsa” reported on the occupation of Ocheretino: an important nuance is indicated

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This information was reported by «Interfax-Ukraine», URA-Inform reports.  

At the same time, part of the settlement occupied by the enemy is under the fiery control of the Ukrainian army.

Nazar Voloshin emphasized that Ukrainian soldiers are now doing everything possible to drive the Russians out of Ocheretino. There are heavy battles in the village, but the situation is under the control of Ukrainian military units.

Speaker «Khortitsa» stated that Ukraine has introduced additional reserve forces and means to stabilize the situation in this direction and return Ocheretino under control.

Voloshin also noted that the most difficult situation is now in the Pokrovsky and Kurakhovsky directions, where stubborn battles are taking place. The Russians have attracted four of their brigades there and are trying to develop an offensive west of Avdeevka and Marinka in order to break through to Pokrovsk and Kurakhovo.

«In these directions the enemy achieved certain tactical successes, but he was unable to gain an operational advantage. To strengthen the defense in these directions and replace units that have suffered losses, we are moving brigades that have restored their combat capability,” the speaker added.

Recall that it was previously reported that 17 of us versus 50-100 Russians – Sazonov spoke about the problems on the front and possible solutions.

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