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The Rada adopted a new law on the Armed Forces of Ukraine: what can the military do now?

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As a result of the adoption of the law on increasing the social protection of military personnel at the second reading by the Verkhovna Rada, it turns out that military personnel and their families receive a wider range of guaranteed rights and benefits.

This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine”, reports URA-Inform.

Changes in the legal framework are aimed at ensuring fairer and more equal conditions for persons serving in the army. Among the key innovations — introduction of the right to receive one-time leave at the birth of a child.

This allows military personnel to enjoy the first moments of happiness and joy with a new family member without having to worry about official duties.

An equally significant step is the provision of compensation for unused vacation days for conscripts. This is recognition of the work and sacrifices made in the name of service, and appropriate financial compensation.

Prohibiting gender discrimination in the military strengthens the principles of equality and fairness in the military. This ensures that military service is based solely on professional qualities and abilities, and not on gender.

The next important point is the introduction of long-term treatment for military personnel, including the possibility of receiving medical care outside the country. This demonstrates the state's concern for the health of defenders and its readiness to provide them with access to the best treatment methods and technologies.

And finally, the law gives women the right to be temporarily released from service during the period of their child's illness, which allows mothers to be close to with their children in difficult times and provides support to military families during illness or crisis.

However, the main achievement of the law is the creation of a social protection system that provides long-term medical care for military personnel, including the opportunity to receive medical care abroad.

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