• 13/04/2024 22:47

The Russian Federation has new plans for another Ukrainian settlement: the military correspondent explained the situation

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This information was reported by Dialogue.UA, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that enemy forces were unable to dislodge the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the village, while Ukrainian defenders are faced with difficulty in moving further along towards the village. According to an analysis of the situation dated January 9, conducted by analysts from the Institute for the Study of War, the situation in the Krynok region remains without significant changes.

Information from Gumenyuk and Mashovets was also taken into account during the analysis. The press service of OK «Yug» It was noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue active military operations against the enemy in the specified area. At the same time, the occupiers increased the use of aviation, returning to unguided aerial bombs, after the loss of five of their aircraft in this sector of the front in December.

According to the Ukrainian war correspondent Mashovets, the command of «Dnepr» plans in the near future to use not only attack aircraft and infantry, but also tanks in attacks on Krynki. Also, the possibility of transferring invaders from the 17th tank regiment, which is currently based in the village of Novaya Mayachka, to this frontal sector is not excluded.

It is reported that the Russian military command provided a break for rest to the invaders from the 328th and 337th airborne regiments, and were replaced by units of the 70th motorized division and the 26th motorized regiment. These units have been trying to oust the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Krynyky for the second day.

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