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The signs of unstable blood sugar levels are named: the doctor said what to look for

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Medicalanswers reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Experts identified signs of unstable blood sugar levels.

Unusual hunger

If, despite a sufficient amount of food consumed per day, a person still feels hungry, — this may indicate fluctuations in sugar from high to very low concentrations. Such a «swing» may be caused by the quality of food: excess of simple carbohydrates, lack of fiber.

Deposits in the abdominal area

Excess belly fat often signals insulin resistance, which means a decrease in the sensitivity of cells to the hormone insulin, which normalizes the concentration of glucose in the blood. Since the body stops responding to it adequately, excess sugar is formed and sent to fat reserves.

Craving for sweets

A constant desire to eat sweets cannot be considered normal phenomenon. This sign — a likely signal of sudden drops in blood sugar levels, characteristic of type 2 diabetes.

Episodes of severe fatigue

This is also one of the signs of low blood sugar caused by excessive production of insulin, which leads to insulin resistance.

Depressed psycho-emotional state

 Fluctuations in blood sugar levels affect your mood. Its reduction often causes increased irritability, increases anxiety, and depressive states.

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