• 25/06/2024 11:38

The TCC explained the sudden stops of trucks: it is known whether to expect an aggravation of mobilization

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Many Ukrainians were surprised by the information that TCC employees in the Transcarpathian region are stopping trucks that are engaged in overseas transportation. Representatives of the authorities explained that this is a normal practice, because truckers have the same rights and responsibilities as other Ukrainians.

URA-Inform reports this, citing the press service of the Transcarpathian Regional TCC.

The source admits that the case of detaining a truck driver on the morning of April 24 was beyond the authority of RTCC employees. The goods and the truck were left on the road virtually unattended. However, such cases occur due to the fact that Ukrainian truck drivers do not always carry with them the entire list of necessary documents. That is why they are forced to go to the TCC and SP, where the data is clarified.

At the same time, the TCC emphasizes that there is no tightening of mobilization, because truckers, like all Ukrainians, have a duty to the Motherland.

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