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The United States is ready to give Ukraine new assistance: Johnson named terms and special conditions

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Kyiv has been working for a long time to ensure that the United States is ready to give Ukraine new assistance. After a number of delays and difficulties, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson announced the terms and special conditions for the allocation of funds to deter the Russian army.

URA-Inform reports on the US position, citing The Hill.

Johnson confirmed his intention to submit a bill to provide new aid to Ukraine after the end of the Easter holidays. This bill will contain “some important innovations.”

In an interview on Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy, Johnson emphasized the need to build consensus. He noted that to promote the party initiative, he needs the support of every member of parliament. Therefore, some aspects of the bill must be bipartisan. The Speaker expressed understanding of the difficult situation related to the position of the House of Representatives. However, he assured that he is working on a package of measures and plans to submit it for consideration after the holidays.

“I want to draw attention to the possibility of providing a loan to Ukraine. The United States is ready to give Ukraine new assistance on special conditions. This may reassure many Republicans. Also, don’t forget the REPO law, which gives the president the power to seize Russian sovereign assets frozen in the United States and transfer them to Ukraine for use against Russia,” — Johnson said.

In addition, Johnson expressed his opinion about the possibility of establishing the export of natural gas from the United States, which will help reduce Russia’s income from its sales abroad.

Recall that the blows of Ukraine have brought down diesel exports from the Russian Federation: Bloomberg announced the losses of the occupiers.

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