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The US announced a decisive moment in Ukraine: Schumer distinguished himself with a loud statement

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The leading senator from the majority party in the US Senate, Democratic representative Chuck Schumer, emphasized the growing importance of providing additional support to Ukraine, reaffirming the commitment not to abandon its European ally.

This information was reported by CNN, URA-Inform reports. .

Having returned from Ukraine, Schumer emphasized that the coming year was becoming a “turning point in global history,” emphasizing that the loss of Ukraine as a result of Russia’s actions would be “catastrophic for the United States as well.” #187;.

«We are at a juncture where the ability of the United States to demonstrate its power, influence and resolve in the world becomes key», — he noted.

In addition, the American representative recalled his words to the Ukrainians during his visit to their country, assuring them that America would remain on their side. At the same time, Schumer emphasized the need for increased assistance to Ukraine, especially in providing artillery shells and weapons to counter Russian supplies, as well as providing more effective air defense.

& #171;Russia can continue to fire at the Ukrainians, while the Ukrainians are limited in their response», — he emphasized.

Schumer also noted that Russian forces can continue to fire much longer than Ukrainian artillery is able to fight back.

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