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The US answered when Putin will no longer be recognized by the presidents of the Russian Federation

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Today, May 7, the so-called inauguration of President Vladimir Putin is due to take place in Russia. The US authorities announced that they are not going to send a representative to this event.

URA-Inform reports whether the United States will continue to call Putin the President of Russia, citing a statement by US State Department Speaker Matthew Miller.

Miller said that the United States will not agree that elections in the Russian Federation are being held freely and fairly, but after the inauguration the West will still call Putin the president of Russia. Putin will lose this status only after he retires.

“The United States is not going to challenge the legality of Putin’s presidency in the Russian Federation. Although we emphasize that big questions remain about the integrity of the elections,” — Miller emphasized.

It is worth noting that at least the vast majority of Western countries did not send their representatives to the inauguration.

Recall that May 9 in the Russian Federation will clarify a lot: the media found out which countries’ representatives agreed visit Moscow.

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