• 13/06/2024 16:01

There is a new data leak in the Bundeswehr: recordings of secret meetings have been made public

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Data on thousands of online meetings within the Bundeswehr has been publicly available on the Internet for many months.

This information was reported by Zeit Online, URA-Inform reports.  

Investigators found that the data leak occurred due to a problem in the Webex video conferencing system, through which secret meetings took place. The security breach occurred in the Bundeswehr's own version of Webex, which is more secure than the public version.

According to the publication, information about more than six thousand meetings of the German military could be found online, some of which were supposed to be classified. According to journalists, the real number of “leaked” meetings could be much higher.

In particular, the conference schedule, information about their duration, topics, and the name of the organizer could be found online. However, a recording of the negotiations themselves was not available.

Zeit Online discovered online meeting rooms used by 248 thousand German soldiers. Journalists were also able to join the personal videoconferencing accounts of many Bundeswehr employees, in particular the head of the German Air Force Ingo Gerharz, because, as the publication writes, the accounts were not protected by passwords.

The publication reports that the military learned about security flaws only after the editors contacted them. And within 24 hours after they became aware of the leak, the problem was resolved. The Bundeswehr also suspended the use of Webex and disabled its accounts.

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