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There may be 1 more planet in the solar system

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There may be another planet in the Solar System: researchers have presented arguments supporting the hypothesis of the existence of a mysterious ninth planet.

This information was reported by the Astronomical Journal, reports URA-Inform.

What was done?

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology, building on previous planetary studies, put forward a theory about the existence of a large planet beyond Neptune. This theory is based on the behavior of trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), including the dwarf planet Sedna discovered by Caltech researchers in 2004.

What did scientists see?

The unusual orbits of Sedna and other TNOs hint at the gravitational influence of the invisible celestial body. This hypothetical planet, dubbed «Planet 9» due to the controversial reclassification of Pluto in 2006, offers a logical explanation for the observed orbital anomalies.

The Main Problem

Despite the lack of direct observations, scientists say that gravitational effects on the TNO strongly indicate the presence of a hidden planet. Researchers emphasize the need for advanced space observatories, such as the future Vera S. Rubin Observatory in Chile, to further study the outer solar system.

Researchers' plans

< p>The expected launch of the Vera S. Rubin Observatory in 2025 usheres in a new era of exploration. Scientists around the world will have valuable insight into the mysterious corners of our solar system. As the search for Planet 9 continues, scientists remain cautiously optimistic about unlocking the secrets of our cosmic neighbor. However, some experts are already saying that there may be one more planet in the solar system.

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