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They began to prepare the north of Ukraine for defense: the Ukrainian Armed Forces admitted what is already happening

Twitter LinkedIn VK < p>This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing the press service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that from the beginning of June 2022 to the current moment in the main directions of the alleged enemy attack Over 500 thousand anti-tank mines have been installed. The creation of anti-tank minefields, the installation of anti-personnel explosive devices, land mines, mined rubble and other defensive measures were carried out.

«The density of mine-explosive barriers in the Northern operational zone has been increased 16 times. In parallel, non-explosive barriers were installed and transport infrastructure facilities, including bridges and roads, were prepared for destruction», — the military reports.

According to the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, work continues to strengthen the positions of the second line of defense in northern Ukraine, in which local authorities are involved. The Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasize that the northern border has become an insurmountable barrier for potential enemies.

«In close cooperation with the leadership of military administrations, we are building engineering and technical and fortifications, we install additional surveillance systems. This operation is performed around the clock throughout the year», — reads the official statement.

Let us remind you when the Russian Federation may launch a new airstrike on Ukraine: a source spoke about the preparation of air bases.

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