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They destroy the liver without alcohol: three common habits are named

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Experts named three common habits that destroy the liver without any connection with alcohol.

About this information was reported by MedicalAnswers, URA-Inform reports.  

Our liver controls hormonal balance, regulates the metabolism of proteins, fats and sugar, accumulates vitamins, removes toxins – thus, the healthy state of this organ is simply vital.

It is known that the liver is harmed by alcohol abuse, but it can cause pathological It’s not just this habit that can cause the condition.

«Although uncontrolled drinking does indeed destroy the integrity of liver tissue, some habits even without any alcohol can contribute to liver cirrhosis or obesity, which increases the risk of fibrosis, cirrhosis and cancer& #187;, — experts noted.

They named three common habits that destroy the liver without any connection with alcoholism.

Love of fruits

People often carefully monitor their fat intake and only very few people pay attention to the fructose content of their diet. Meanwhile, various studies show that fruit sugar (fructose) increases the risk of fatty liver disease when consumed in large quantities. In this regard, the habit of snacking on fruit every now and then is no less harmful than drinking soda.

Taking medication

All medications taken are broken down by the liver. The habit of using medicine on your own without consulting a doctor, the desire to take anything «for prevention» destroy the liver even without any alcohol. If you are using the medicine and notice symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, discomfort in the upper abdomen, you should definitely discuss this with your healthcare professional.


Lack of movement and exercise causes excess body fat to be deposited not only under the skin, but also around internal organs, including the liver. Among other things, adipose tissue secretes substances that act as mediators of inflammation. Thus, in addition to fatty liver, there may be deeper pathological changes in its tissues – for example, scarring.

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