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They hit me with a machine gun to get a summons: another scandal with the TCC (video)

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This information is reported by TG «Advocate of Rights», reports URA-Inform “.

In Chernivtsi, employees of the territorial recruitment and social support center attacked a man, thus trying to serve a summons on the street.

A scandalous video of the incident was published by local public pages. The released footage shows that the man was screaming and trying to hide from the military commissars who were pursuing him.

TCC workers immediately rushed to catch up with the man running away from them. And later, when they overtook him, a passer-by began to wave off the military with his hands. In response, the military commissars began beating the man on the hands with the butts of their machine guns.

It is unknown how the next scandal with TCC and SP ended, but as you can see in the video, the military commissars continued to pursue the man.

Recall that it was previously reported what the current situation with mobilization in Ukraine is: Ditriy Marchenko explained its hopelessness.

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