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Truck drivers are being mobilized in Transcarpathia: TCC responded to the accusations

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In Transcarpathia, TCC and SP workers are detaining and mobilizing truck drivers.

The Association reported this information international road carriers, reports URA-Inform.  

The Association of International Road Carriers announced the detention of drivers in Transcarpathia. In particular, they cited the fact that on April 24, representatives of the TCC at the traffic police post «Nizhniye Vorota» drivers of several trucks carrying out transit transportation of goods from Europe to Ukraine were illegally detained.

«The drivers were forcibly taken to the premises of the relevant department of the RTCC, where they were quickly mobilized and sent for military service to military units. The transport property and cargo were left in danger and unattended. Under similar circumstances, on April 24, employees of the first department of the Mukachevo RTCC, near the traffic police post «Nizhniye Vorota «illegally detained and imprisoned the driver of LLC «SHAL» and against his will, on the same day he was mobilized into one of the military units in the Chernihiv region and taken away in an unknown direction,” the statement says.

In response, Transcarpathian military commissars explained this by the fact that when examining the documents at checkpoints it is not always possible to check all military registration data on the spot. Therefore, men are offered to go to recruitment centers.

«Drivers of cargo vehicles are citizens of Ukraine just like others. When inspecting documents at a checkpoint, it is not always possible to check all military registration data on the spot, which is due to the fact that citizens did not take care in advance to have military registration documents with them. Those liable for military service are asked to go to the territorial recruitment and social support centers to clarify the data. At the same time, we emphasize that the truck remains under the supervision of law enforcement officials», — TCC representatives explained.

The Transcarpathian TCC emphasized that if a citizen believes that he is not subject to mobilization, then he needs to have with him the appropriate military registration documents with marks confirming his legal rights to a deferment, provided for in Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine “On mobilization preparation and mobilization». Either with a mark of removal from military registration, or a document confirming a properly executed reservation.

«We also emphasize that the «Path» system has nothing to do with military accounting. Finally, we remind you that there is a full-scale aggression against our state, and we can only win by uniting and directing all our efforts to the fight. We urge citizens to independently and timely update» your military registration data», — summed up in the Transcarpathian TCC.

Recall that it was previously reported that in Odessa, the military pushed a man into a minibus: reaction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (video).

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