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UDA activist and his wife were blown up in a car: what is known

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This information was reported by the «Ukrainian Volunteer Army», reports URA-Inform ”  

On Monday evening, UDA representatives Albert Kruchinin and his wife Natalya were blown up in a car in the Odessa region.

« On the evening of February 19, near one of the military facilities in the suburbs of Odessa, a car of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army was blown up, in which our brothers and sisters, Albert and Natalya Kruchinin, were located. Right now doctors are fighting for their lives. The police are working on the spot,” the UDA reported.

At the moment, there are few details regarding the bombing of the Kruchinins’ car. It is known that Albert and Natalya are in the hospital, doctors are fighting for their lives. The police regard the bombing as an attempted premeditated murder.

The UDA called the car bombing a terrorist act. They believe that this may be a consequence of the activities of Russian DRGs, and announced a reward of $10,000 for information about possible bombers.

We recall that it was previously reported that the Poles began to block passenger buses from Ukraine: the media showed footage .

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