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UFOs may not be in space: a new theory about aliens

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Nigel Watson, an alien hunter, is collecting information about encounters with unexplained and potentially extraterrestrial objects

This information was reported by Dailymail, URA-Inform reports.  

He notes that since most of the Earth's surface is covered with water, it is not surprising to find UFOs in or near the seas. Watson recalls that such unidentified underwater objects (USOs) are especially often spotted in the North Sea and near California and Puerto Rico.

Former US Navy pilot David Frevor shares a colleague's account of a meeting with an NGO. This colleague observed a large dark mass in the water that was not a submarine and appeared to be rising from the depths. During an operation to retrieve training torpedoes from the sea by helicopter, one of the torpedoes was pulled underwater by an unknown object near Puerto Rico and never resurfaced.

Despite many sightings and evidence, some of these, such as the alien base off the coast of California, are recognized by researchers as simple natural phenomena. This reminds us of the importance of a critical approach to the interpretation of data and the need to conduct more in-depth research.

The NGO theory opens up new horizons in the study of unusual phenomena on Earth. It makes us think about the depths of the oceans and the secrets that may lie beneath their surface. Perhaps the NGO's investigation will lead to new discoveries about the nature and origin of UFOs, and maybe even about alien life.

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