• 19/04/2024 05:41

Ukraine has never been threatened like this before: a provocation was unexpectedly heard in the US Senate

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URA-Inform reports this, citing X (Twitter) of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson.

Johnson publicly promised that he would “bury” the bill on further financing of Ukraine. He has no intention of bringing the bill recently proposed by the Senate to a vote.

“We are dealing with a horrific bill. I would like to see more reasonable proposals that will help solve the catastrophic situation at the border. This is the main issue at the moment, because our president has made many mistakes in border control,” — Johnson said.

He emphasized that the bill in its current form is doomed to failure, because it will “bury” it immediately upon arrival in the House of Representatives.

Recall that Biden made it clear to wait new aid to Ukraine: Zelensky received an important signal.

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