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Ukraine has no chance of winning: Zelensky admitted what needs to be said

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Ukrainian Head of State Vladimir Zelensky shared with his allies information about the need for weapons to counter Putin’s army, emphasizing that without US help Ukraine it is difficult to talk about victory.

Zelensky announced this information in an interview with PBS NewsHour, URA-Inform reports.

One of the key questions concerned the readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to resist the new offensive of Putin’s army. The President emphasized that without American support there is no chance of victory at all, especially considering that on the battlefield the ratio of artillery shells is 1 to 10 in favor of the Russian Federation.

Zelensky noted that in order to fully protect the territory of Ukraine it is necessary to equalize this the ratio is up to 10 to 10.

He also noted that the Kremlin is ready to sacrifice its people to achieve its goals in Ukraine by sending poorly trained soldiers. However, the main blow of the Russian Federation falls on quantity, not quality, based on a strategy of quantitative superiority.

Zelensky expressed the need for weapons capable of shooting down enemy shells and missiles of foreign production, such as those from Iran, North Korea and other countries .

In addition, he emphasized the importance of being able to destroy enemy aircraft attacking at a distance of 300-500 km from Ukraine. According to him, all this is possible, but requires appropriate weapons.

Recall that a new fake about Ukraine was launched in the Russian Federation: the SBU warned that one should not believe it.

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