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Ukraine hit the Russian Federation 1200 km away: the important purpose of the fateful arrival is known

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Ukraine struck the Russian Federation at 1200 km, which had not been possible before. At the moment, the important purpose of the fateful arrival is known.

URA-Inform reports this, citing the Telegram of Russian economic analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan.

On Tuesday morning, Ukraine hit the Russian Federation by 1,200 km. The drones reached Tatarstan for the first time and attacked Nizhnekamsk, where a large oil refining plant is located. This event puzzled many Russian experts, who did not expect that the Ukrainian UAV could fly as much as 1,200 km

According to various reports, one of the drones attacked an atmospheric-vacuum installation at the Nizhnekamsk oil refinery of the TANECO company (Tatarstan Oil Refinery Complex). The goal is the same as in previous attacks on oil refineries — complete cessation of the oil refining process.

“The plant is completely new, relatively recently built,” — noted Nesmiyan.

The Nizhnekamsk Refinery, which is now included in TANECO, ranks fifth in the ranking of oil refineries in Russia and was opened in 2014 with the participation of former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Since 2010, the plant has processed about 100 million tons of crude oil, and since 2018, the annual production of petroleum products exceeds 10 million tons. This is the longest attack by Ukrainian drones since the start of the war, increasing the range to more than 1,200 km from the Ukrainian border.

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