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Ukraine will lose territory: the expert gave a disappointing forecast for the near future

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Military-political observer of the «Information Resistance» Alexander Kovalenko predicted how events at the front would develop in the coming days and weeks.

This information was reported by Tsn, URA-Inform reports.  

He noted that the situation along the entire front line remains difficult.

«There’s definitely no need to panic. Our situation in the combat zone is complicated primarily due to the lack of supplies of material and technical support from our partners. We are talking primarily about artillery, artillery ammunition. This is a big problem that the Russians see and are trying to use in their favor», – said Kovalenko.

< p>According to him, the Russians understand that they will not receive much resistance, so they are trying to «probe» line of defense and find out where it is weaker in order to strengthen our troops and break through it.

«We will have to leave some positions, we will have to leave some positions near Avdievka. These could be positions in the Zaporozhye region,” the expert noted.

At the same time, Kovalenko added that the situation at the front will depend on what ammunition Ukraine receives from its partners and in what quantity. In his opinion, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fully provided with everything necessary, they will be able to form reserves, as well as prepare certain actions of an offensive nature.

We recall that it was previously reported that Syrsky gave an important order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass: the insider revealed that he had already preparing for defense.

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