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US to release latest military aid package: Blinken said it includes

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This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine”, reports “URA-Inform”.< /p>

This is a significant decision that comes in the context of Ukraine’s active actions to liberate its territories from Russian occupation. It is important to note that the provision of a financial package underscores the US commitment to supporting allies in the country.

It is worth noting, however, that the recent “surge” of military assistance is the latest this year and is intended to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities in its persistent struggle for territorial integrity.

The funds will be used to improve military equipment, provide military training and improve military infrastructure, which together should contribute to more effective defense of the country.

Anthony Blinken emphasized that military assistance is not just cash, but a clear expression of solidarity and support in Ukraine’s struggle for its independence. The United States, therefore, continues to play an active role in supporting countries seeking self-determination and protecting their sovereign rights.

Recall that another country is helping Ukraine bomb the Russian Armed Forces in Crimea: the source said who is stabbing the Kremlin in the back.

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