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Voting on aid to Ukraine in the US may be postponed again: what is the reason

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Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson is looking for ways to soften the opposition from radical Republicans.

This information was reported by Bloomberg, URA-Inform reports.  

Therefore, the vote on aid to Ukraine is unlikely to take place until at least mid-April, and perhaps it will be postponed. This conclusion was made by Bloomberg analysts, citing the leaders of the Republican Party.

They said Johnson's team has not shared a detailed plan for the relief package with Republican lawmakers and appears undecided on what concessions he will push for from President Joe Biden's administration. That makes it difficult for the House speaker to win support in time for next week's vote.

Johnson spokeswoman Taylor Goalsey said the speaker's promise of swift action was not intended to set a specific deadline and that Johnson &#171 ;listens to the opinions of party members» regarding the plan. She did not provide more information about the speaker's consultations.

Two Republican leadership officials told reporters there was still the possibility that Johnson could decide on the Ukraine aid plan over the weekend and speed up approval of the project next week.

However, Bloomberg analysts believe that such an accelerated timetable could lead to the bill's failure, as well as further confrontation with hardliners in the Republican Party.

We recall that it was previously reported that NATO has a new proposal regarding Ukraine: Stoltenberg said how to help Kyiv.

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