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War in Ukraine: expert predicted the duration of the conflict

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The Kremlin will try to drag out the war as long as possible or force Ukraine to freeze the conflict.

About This information was reported by Unian, URA-Inform reports.  

This opinion was expressed during the telethon by military expert, director of the Center for Military Legal Studies, Alexander Musienko.

“It’s clear that the Russians will try to prolong the war. They will even strive to freeze the conflict. Such conditions suit Russia. Then the question arises: okay, there is no high intensity conflict, temporarily. Russia occupies some territories within some limits…”, — said the expert.

Musienko believes that the decisive stage will be when Ukraine is finally one step away from joining NATO.

“If such a state is allowed even theoretically until 2028. We are approaching the moment of Ukraine's entry into NATO. The Russians understand that the question will arise: all of Ukraine must be accepted, within the internationally recognized borders… Therefore, they are interested in throwing out these options now about freezing the conflict,” — the analyst summarized.

We recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine and the Russian Federation may enter into peace negotiations in a few months: a new forecast for the war has appeared.

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