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What can force Putin to retreat and end the war: Kuleb’s explanation

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba called Russian President-dictator Vladimir Putin «a political animal who knows how to feel fear&# 187;.

This information was reported by CNN, URA-Inform reports.  

In this regard, he called on partners to show strength and not fear of Russia. At the same time, Kuleba explained that he could force Putin to retreat and end the war against Ukraine.

«Our partners need a firm belief that Ukraine’s victory is achievable. And secondly, the lack of fear of Putin. Because Putin is a political animal who feels fear. And when he feels it, he becomes more aggressive. If he feels the strength that, for example, Congress has just demonstrated, he will be forced to retreat,” he said.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister also commented on the approval by the US Congress of a package of military and financial assistance Ukraine, and emphasized: whatever the price of supporting Ukraine today, the price of Russia’s victory will be much greater.

«The whole world must remember that any delay in providing assistance to Ukraine is compensated by the courage and self-sacrifice of the fallen soldiers. These are living people, their lives have value. Everything that we have lost from the fall to this day, we lost because our soldiers did not have enough weapons… We know what will happen if we lose, and therefore we will continue to fight,” Dmitry Kuleba emphasized.

We recall that it was previously reported that the Russians are preparing to open a new front: the expert pointed out important signs.

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