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What happens inside a black hole: NASA showed a flight to the point of no return (video)

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NASA showed what is happening inside a black hole.

This information was reported by T4, reports “ URA-Inform.”

Black holes remain one of the most mysterious objects in the Universe. Their behavior seems to be beyond human understanding, but they are completely subject to the laws of physics.

If anyone has ever dreamed of going on a journey to a black hole, but gave up for fear of becoming spaghetti (yes, that's a scientific term), then NASA has the answer to that. They developed a spectacular 360° visualization of what it looks like to fly around a black hole before entering its event horizon.

Event Horizon — this is the point beyond which there is no return. This is a kind of threshold that separates a black hole from the rest of the Universe. If anything passes this threshold, not even light will be able to escape the black hole's gravitational pull. Thanks to the use of NASA supercomputers, it is now possible to observe what flying around or into a black hole looks like.

Animations of falling into black holes have been created before. For example, in the science fiction film Interstellar, Matt McConaughey's character deliberately plunged into a black abyss – the fictional supermassive black hole of Gargantua, which is 4.3 million times the mass of the Sun. However, unlike the movie, in the new animation from NASA, scientists used more theoretical calculations to create a more accurate idea of ​​u200bu200btravel into the average black hole.

“We simulated two different scenarios. In the first, the camera simply misses the event horizon and flies back out. In the second, an eyewitness crosses the border, falling to his predetermined fate,” said Jeremy Schnittman, an astrophysicist at the NASA Space Flight Center. Goddard NASA.

He noted that the imaging begins with a camera at a distance of about 650 million km from the black hole. As the viewer gets closer to the object, all they see is their field of view distorted as space-time is warped by the black hole.

According to Schnittman, once he crosses the event horizon, the viewer is stretched (spaghetified) and plunged into black nothingness in less than 13 seconds. Next, there is a journey inside the black hole: from the point of spaghetification to the singularity, the viewer needs to overcome only 128 thousand km, which passes almost instantly.

Recall that it was previously reported that scientists recorded clusters of UFOs at the site of the supposed portal (photo).< /p>
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