• 21/06/2024 17:34

What is the budget deficit of Ukraine: Goncharenko made an important admission

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This was reported by the Telegram channel “Country Politics”, reports “URA-Inform”.

According to his statement, there is a deficit of 36%, which is 430 billion hryvnia, and this is only under the item «cash provision». And, unfortunately, against this background, no information was provided on how this problem can be solved.

It seems important to note that President Vladimir Zelensky previously announced the intention of the military command to mobilize an additional half a million citizens. However, in his statement, he emphasized that in order to achieve this goal, an additional 500 billion hryvnia must be allocated, funds that are currently missing from the budget.

This financial limitation poses a serious obstacle to the implementation of mobilization plans and emphasizes the urgent need to resolve issues of financing in the field of national security in the context of the war against the Russian Federation.

Recall that the TCC in Transcarpathia kidnapped a man at a checkpoint: his wife and child remained on the highway at night.

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