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What kind of people have cats and what kind of dogs: scientists have compiled a psychotype

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Research conducted by specialists from the University of Texas at Austin showed that dog lovers differ from cat lovers in temperament.

This information was reported by Ukr.media, reports URA-Inform.  

Psychotype of dog lovers

It turned out that people who chose dogs are 15 percent more extroverted than those who chose cats. They are more likely to be positive, enthusiastic and energetic.

According to the survey, dog lovers are considered more easy-going, sociable, altruistic, reliable and affectionate. They were more often credited with traits such as loyalty.

Research has shown that they are easier to get along with and other people enjoy being in their company. They are also more conscientious than cat lovers. During the survey, they gave answers that indicate that they are more disciplined, obedient and tend to plan their actions more.

Psychotype of cat lovers

The study found that cat lovers are 11 percent more creative and more likely to think outside the box. In this group, so-called artistic souls are more common.

Supporters of cats are 12 percent more likely to show neurotic tendencies. They are more anxious, stressed, or anxious than dog lovers.

Like their pets, they often prefer to be alone rather than in a group. Moreover, loneliness can sometimes be very fruitful for them.

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