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What the new mobilization law will lead to: the sociologist warned how the population will react

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The adoption of a new law on mobilization, according to Ukrainian sociologist Vladimir Artyukh from Oxford University, may face a growing the number of Ukrainians seeking to leave the country.

This information was reported by the publication Der Spiegel, to which the expert gave his comment, reports URA-Inform.

He foresees that many men will be ready hide or go abroad by any means available. In his commentary, Artyukh notes that there is a danger of the law leading to the opposite effect, turning mobilization into a mass exodus from the country, instead of attracting citizens to serve in the armed forces.

One of these Ukrainians located in Germany is Vitaly Shevchuk , stressed that the refusal of men to participate in hostilities should not be considered a betrayal. From his point of view, the real betrayal lies in the constant sending of people to the conflict zone, knowing that they may die.

Shevchuk expressed regret that the opportunity for Ukraine to resist Russia may be missed:

“It’s like a teenager getting into the ring against Mike Tyson,” — Shevchuk noted at the end.

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