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What will happen if the law on mobilization fails: Dikiy warned of the consequences

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Patrioty reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Former company commander of the battalion «Aidar» Yevgeny Diky said that the law on mobilization could be the last in the history of Ukraine. He warned that Ukraine could quickly disappear if people in the rear do not understand that mobilization measures are necessary.

At the same time, Diky noted that not all citizens who were mobilized need to be sent to the front. According to him, the Armed Forces are a huge mechanism, and not the entire army — these are warriors at «zero».

«Iceberg» — These are the people who are doing their job in the rear, and the fighters are at «zero» — its top. If people do not understand that it is not the army that needs mobilization, but the rear society itself, then the law on mobilization may not work. Then, I think, this will be one of the last laws adopted in the history of Ukraine, because this state will cease to exist in a relatively short term…», — warned the ex-commander of the battalion «Aidar».

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