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When the most difficult moment may come at the front: Zhdanov said where and when this will happen

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Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that a major Russian offensive has not yet begun.

About this information Zhdanov said in an interview, URA-Inform reports.  

According to Oleg Zhdanov’s warning, the situation at the front remains difficult, but there is a danger that it will worsen further in the second half of May.

The military expert notes that Kirill Budanov was right in foreseeing that conditions for Ukraine would become critically difficult closer to the summer, since the enemy had discovered the weak spot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and could soon attempt to launch an offensive there.

In the beginning Zhdanov shared important information:

«The second half of May will most likely be a difficult time. General Budanov was right when he voiced this. The Russian Federation had a dilemma where to launch an offensive, where to break through the front. There were four hottest directions: Limanskoye, Bakhmutskoye, Avdeevskoye and Novopavlovskoye. It calmed down a little on Limanskoye and Novopavlovskoye, leaving Bakhmutskoye and Avdeevskoye.

The military expert further described how events at the front could develop starting in mid-May:

«When they say the phrase that everything will be decided by the battlefield, then, in my opinion, now This is exactly what is happening: the battlefield showed that we have stabilized the Bakhmut direction, that is, Chasov Yar, and are able to hold it today, but in the Avdeevsky direction there was a breakthrough of Russian troops in the Ocheretino area. We have a huge problem with stabilizing the front line, and Russian troops are acting according to the patterns of the Second World War: if they managed to break through at least 1 meter of the front, then they will throw the maximum amount of effort there. I think that the Avdeevskoe and Bakhmutskoe directions will be the hottest.

Recall that it was previously reported whether the US expects a collapse of Ukraine’s defense at the front: forecast of the American media.

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